Thank You!

100 followers! Wow! That’s amazing!

It’s all thanks to you guys, the readers that keep coming back and keep on reading this blog.

A month ago I decided to put all my travel memories in a place where they would be safe. Somewhere I could come back and reminisce when I wanted to relive a specific night or trip. I also wanted a format that would last, so if my memory starts to slip away years from now I can search this blog and see all the adventures I had.

I never started this with the intention of having followers, but here you are! I know I also say that this is a book blog, but it is lightly. I read when I can, and when I find a book great enough to brag about I post it on here!

Mostly, this is a travel blog. I want you guys to realize that being a traveler (talking to the locals and hanging out with them) is a great way to travel, don’t be a tourist! I hope my blog helps you to realize that and gives you the push to talk to someone the next time you’re traveling. Ask where their favorite place to eat is or even where they like to drink espresso.

Now, all this safely of course. Ask a waiter or a barista. Don’t just go up to some random guy on the street. Trust your gut. From my experience if I have an off feeling about someone while out of the country I veer away from them. Listen to your intuition! Travel with a friend. This will ensure you will always have a buddyand you will never be alone. Also, great memories for the two of you to share later on!


I understand the world can be a scary place, but it’s the people that are the most frightening. Only us, as people can change that and make the world a better place.

When you read this blog I hope you see that traveling isn’t bad. You just have to be smart about being a traveler in a foreign country or place. I hope my experiences give you the push you need to go on that trip you have been wanting to plan for years, now is the perfect time!

Again, THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS! This is a milestone and you are all amazing!

Keep on traveling and never stop being adventurous!



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Hey There…

Greetings readers!

I’m stopping by to say that I am working on new content. It may seem like not much has been posted in the past few weeks, but work and job applications have been taking up most of my time. With that being said, I have not forgotten about you precious beings!

In the future you can keep an eye out for another post on traveling tips! Maybe a packing list, or even on which airlines I prefer to fly?

You can also keep an eye out for travel posts on Gaeta, Italy. This was a place I’ll never forget… But, you will have to keep your eyes peeled to find out why one night in this town will be a night I never forget!

These posts will be on the blog within the next week. Until then keep reading and traveling fellow bloggers!

Also, wasn’t that eclipse amazing? I was working, but I managed to sneak out and a customer let me use her awesome eclipse glasses! That’s a sight I’ll never forget seeing, I’m in awe!



Me in my eclipse glasses, but really glasses I just found on the bar

Recovered Photos!

I have already told you guys that life has been hectic, and it seems to get crazier.

Today I learned that I may need to invest in a new computer, and since I prefer Apple products this means that I’m going to be making a dent in my savings.

While I was backing up my photos and documents onto the mystical Icloud I found some really old photos… including some of the Italy ones I thought I lost!

This goes to show that even when bad things happen, or events that put a damper on your day, good things can come of it! You just have to push through!

What this means is that I will be updating some of my pages with recovered pictures, yay!

Here is a sneak peek at two that I found, they are of the interior of Reggia di Caserta…

Also, new posts are in the making, keep an eye out.

Are you as excited as I am?



Who Are You?

Do you ever just feel like good things are going to start coming your way? Life is looking up?

Well, I can feel it!

I want to know more about you guys as readers. What’s your favorite color, where do you like to travel, what do you like to eat!? Where have you traveled before, where do you want to go? What books do you like to read, are you in any book clubs, have you written any books? If so, I want to read them! Do you like to paint?

You are learning so much about me and yet I don’t know about you. Tell me about yourself in the comments.

Good vibes are coming your way!!

Enjoy your day, more traveling post are coming soon!




Stalking Jack The Ripper Book Talk

Okay guys I just want to start out by saying that I’m just going to call book reviews, “Book Talks.” These aren’t going to be deep reviews, some of them might be, but I don’t plan on it. Also, I just like the way “Book Talk” sounds!

I bought this book because I liked the cover: a girl, playing with a knife, set in the 1800’s, clearly dealing with Jack the Ripper. After I bought this book it sat on my “to be read” pile for a few months. I didn’t touch it because I didn’t think it could be that good, and honestly I’m not a James Patterson fan. I think putting his name on the book deterred me from reading this novel longer.

Once I decided to hack away at this story I couldn’t put it down. The characters that Kerri Maniscalo creates within this story are layered and witty. Audrey Rose is a feminist in a time where very few exist. She wants to follow her passion of, what today we would call, a Forensic Pathologist. She fights to do what she is passionate about and finds (what I consider to be one of the best characters ever) Thomas. Through their work they are introduced to the victims of Jack the Ripper and Audrey takes it upon herself to find the identity of this gruesome killer.

But, honestly though, Thomas is the best. Think of a more forward, flirty, and attractive Sherlock Holmes and you have Thomas. The chemistry the two have… PERFECTION. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say, don’t let my ships stop you from picking this book up because it isn’t as mushy as I’m making it sound.

Every time I thought I had Maniscalo’s Ripper figured out her characters would go to confront them; and I, as well as the characters, would be wrong. This book kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat until the very end!

It is shelved in the teen science fiction section. It is teen because there is no adult content or themes. Now for the science fiction part, I have read books that were heavier in this genre. The only part of the book that is science fiction is the last, I would say, two or three chapters. If you’re someone that loves to read Sci Fi then I would say this isn’t for you but if you stray more towards period dramas or mysteries and some fantasy then pick it up!

I love this book and I hope you will too. The author is as cute as can be too! I met her at BookCon 2017 in New York. She may have signed my book from Thomas, which made my heart swoon.

I’m going to leave you with a low quality picture of me kissing this book, because I love it that much!

Photo on 7-20-17 at 10.00 PM #3

Let me know what you guys think of this book in the comments!

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