Side Note: The Best Drink in Italy

I will tell you about my favorite drink, hands down, in all of Italia.

It was not a specific brand or type of wine. It was not a homemade concoction or even something a bartender whipped up behind the counter.

It was the majestic liquid that is Meloncello.

A shot of Meloncello on the rocks

Now you can make Meloncello homemade, just like you can make Limoncello in the comfort of your kitchen. But I fell in love with the manufactured stuff, so I can only imagine how heavenly the homemade drink is.

So what is Meloncello? It’s vodka, melon juice, water, and sugar. You mix it up, let it sit for a while, and then enjoy!

Michi and I drank so much of this, the the local bars ran dry! I felt so bad, but it’s something I didn’t really see or never had in the states! And also take a moment and look at the size of that shot, it only cost me two Euros!

Summer in a bottle. If you can get this imported, do it!


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My Day in Venezia

1044937_10200795979093375_43366587_n (1)

If you have never been to Venice, please go. The city itself is breathtaking, the people are kind, and the food is to die for.

When I was there I walked around the narrow streets and alleyways with my classmates. We ate at a small hole in the wall restaurant and had pizza (but not the best pizza I had in Italy, but hey it was better than what you get in the United States). We went on a gondola ride because we thought that’s absolutely what you had to do when you were in Venice, right? Well, no, you don’t have to. If you want to, go ahead, it gives you a different perspective of the city and takes your mind off of life for a bit. The locals do not take gondola rides, it is a tourist trap to get your money. But hey, at least it’s a relaxing one. If you decide to skip on this aspect of your trip you won’t be missing out, there is a lot to do!

Venice also has a lot of creepy sights. I’m a person that loves creepy and gory things. I used to have a photo of the Bridge of Sighs but I lost it. This bridge connects the new prison to the interrogation cells. It was given this name because prisoners would take one last sigh at the beautiful city before going into their cells.

Now, if you are feeling really adventurous you can go to Poveglia which is a small island right off the coast of Venice. There is an abandoned mental hospital which still stands on this small island. When it was still open a doctor conducted gruesome lobotomies, then he jumped from one of the towers saying ghosts made him go mad. Supposedly this place is haunted, I have no idea if the public can get to it or if there are tours, but it might be something worth checking out! This place is on my bucket list, so I know I’ll be going back to this city.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.30.10 PM

One thing I definitely think you should not skip out on when you are visiting here is seeing how they make their beautiful and elegant glass creations. I saw a glass making demonstration by Murano Glass. It was memorizing and breathtaking watching these artist take sand and turn it into venetian glass.

So, overall skip the gondola ride and go see a glass blowing demonstration.

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