Book Talk: The Graveyard Book

Hello fellow ghouls and witches!

Since Halloween is Tuesday I thought a dark novel would be appropriate for the October Book Talk. Earlier this month I went searching for a great Halloween read, I picked up the classics (Lovecraft and King) and kept putting them down. I then realized that a new Halloween read was in store, something that I have never read before. This led me to The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

This novel has been out for a few years (since 2008 to be exact), but it’s something one should read to get into the Halloween spirit! Graveyard is marketed as a children’s fantasy novel, and it includes a few illustrations by Dave McKean. With this being said, you can find it shelved in the adult science fiction and fantasy section with a different cover, right next to the graphic novel adaption.

Most know this novel to be Gaiman’s adaption of The Jungle Book, but the setting is among the dead and not the beasts of the lush jungle. After reading the novel it’s easy to see the similarities, but I don’t think you should go into this book expecting an exact replica of The Jungle Book. You will not be disappointed; the story keeps the reader interested and the character development is amazing.

In the first chapter the reader encounters Nobody Owens, also known as Bod. He is a toddler that has just mindlessly stumbled into the graveyard, not realizing that someone is coming to murder him. The residents within the cemetery understand that Bod’s life is at risk, so they come together and make a decision to raise the boy as their own.

As Bod grows up he begins to ask questions about the town outside of the wrought iron gates. His guardian, Silas, tries to keep him safe by telling him to not leave the confinements of home. Bod does not listen and eventually comes face to face with the man that tried to kill him years before.

It may seem as if I gave a bit too much away, but trust me, I didn’t even tell you a sixteenth of the story!

I couldn’t put this book down. As I read I felt for Nobody Owens and those of the living and dead he encountered. All my questions were answered by the end of the story too, which is very important to me!

Graveyard has won four awards and deserves it. If you are looking for a new ghoul-filled read, look no further. Do not let the category of “children’s” scare you away. There are a lot of lessons to be learned for young and old in this story, and it’s one the whole family can enjoy.

The City of Constant Change

Old City will always have certain memories for me. I will hold the memories of walking down its streets, underage, with a liquor blush warming my cheeks. Holding onto my friends as we laughed about the events that had just unfolded.

I will remember my birthday when a dear friend went shopping with me in Center City (against his wishes) and was determined to get me to The Ritz to see Wes Anderson’s new film. Our feet were so sore by the end of the night, practically yelling at us. Our broke asses didn’t have enough money for a round-trip on the subway and we ended up walking from Center City to old, racing against the clock. We learned that night that Center City is a lot more than 5 blocks from Old City, and we felt it the next day.

Two weeks I made a new memory in Old City. As I sat in front of Independence Hall in a nice shirt with my hair pinned back I realized something. The days of underage drinking, not having enough money for the subway, and being a teenager were over. As I sat there for my corporate interview I realized that this was a new path I was venturing down in life. These previous paths are not ones I regret, but hold dear to my heart.

Sitting on that bench in my dress clothes with a portfolio in hand made me realize I was becoming an adult. And, in that moment I felt excited.

I’m excited for what life brings me, for I know it has never been dull. As I watched people walk through the square I realized this was where i needed to be. If I got the job or not, I needed to be in this exact spot, this exact city. Philadelphia has made me realize a lot. It had me grow up, grow with some, and apart from others. It’s my place of constant change.

How will it change me now?

Thank You!

100 followers! Wow! That’s amazing!

It’s all thanks to you guys, the readers that keep coming back and keep on reading this blog.

A month ago I decided to put all my travel memories in a place where they would be safe. Somewhere I could come back and reminisce when I wanted to relive a specific night or trip. I also wanted a format that would last, so if my memory starts to slip away years from now I can search this blog and see all the adventures I had.

I never started this with the intention of having followers, but here you are! I know I also say that this is a book blog, but it is lightly. I read when I can, and when I find a book great enough to brag about I post it on here!

Mostly, this is a travel blog. I want you guys to realize that being a traveler (talking to the locals and hanging out with them) is a great way to travel, don’t be a tourist! I hope my blog helps you to realize that and gives you the push to talk to someone the next time you’re traveling. Ask where their favorite place to eat is or even where they like to drink espresso.

Now, all this safely of course. Ask a waiter or a barista. Don’t just go up to some random guy on the street. Trust your gut. From my experience if I have an off feeling about someone while out of the country I veer away from them. Listen to your intuition! Travel with a friend. This will ensure you will always have a buddyand you will never be alone. Also, great memories for the two of you to share later on!


I understand the world can be a scary place, but it’s the people that are the most frightening. Only us, as people can change that and make the world a better place.

When you read this blog I hope you see that traveling isn’t bad. You just have to be smart about being a traveler in a foreign country or place. I hope my experiences give you the push you need to go on that trip you have been wanting to plan for years, now is the perfect time!

Again, THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS! This is a milestone and you are all amazing!

Keep on traveling and never stop being adventurous!



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Hey There…

Greetings readers!

I’m stopping by to say that I am working on new content. It may seem like not much has been posted in the past few weeks, but work and job applications have been taking up most of my time. With that being said, I have not forgotten about you precious beings!

In the future you can keep an eye out for another post on traveling tips! Maybe a packing list, or even on which airlines I prefer to fly?

You can also keep an eye out for travel posts on Gaeta, Italy. This was a place I’ll never forget… But, you will have to keep your eyes peeled to find out why one night in this town will be a night I never forget!

These posts will be on the blog within the next week. Until then keep reading and traveling fellow bloggers!

Also, wasn’t that eclipse amazing? I was working, but I managed to sneak out and a customer let me use her awesome eclipse glasses! That’s a sight I’ll never forget seeing, I’m in awe!



Me in my eclipse glasses, but really glasses I just found on the bar