Napoli: A Must Stop for Foodies

Hey Everyone!


It feels great writing for the blog again, and I thought a great post to celebrate should be based on food.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to talk about food?

This will also give you an insight to the next topic on the blog… NAPLES!


Now, Naples has a lot of history. It is one of the largest and oldest cities in Italy… and Europe… and even the world. But, it also has a lot of history with food.

Naples is accredited with being the home of pizza. At first pizza was considered “poor men’s” food; meaning those of the lower classes ate it due to how inexpensive it was. Soon the upper class realized how delicious the dish was, and the rest is history!


The picture above is of a Margherita Pizza from L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples.

After flying for 9 hours, I landed in Naples tired and hungry. My friend greeted me at the gate and the first thing she said was, “It looks like could use something to eat…” Next thing I knew, we were waiting outside of a small pizzeria that is known as “the world’s best pizza shop.”

Photo Courtesy of Robert Sietsema via

The wait was about 45 minutes, and overall it was worth it. This shop opened its doors in 1870 and since then the same family has run it, living up to the world’s expectations of their pizza. When I had my first bite I was in bliss for two reasons 1) because I was eating authentic Italian pizza again and 2) it didn’t compare to any I had before my first time in Italy. The pizza was cooked perfectly, the ingredients were fresh, and the flavors were spot on. Queen Margherita of Savory would not be disappointed by her namesake here!

Even if you’re in Naples for a day please, please, please take the time to wait and eat at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Once you’re sitting, the wait for your food isn’t long and it will be worth it!


Also, finding dessert will never be a problem within the city limits. Naples is known for sweet dishes (I mean, have you seen Napoli Food Porn blogs?). Everywhere you turn you will see gelato and pastry shops offering Nutella filled delicacies.


Food is important when you travel, and some people just travel for food. If you are one of these people that strives to eat the best food in every part of the world, or if you are just looking for good eats on your trip, hit up Naples!


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