Yoga Article for December Issue of County Wide Magazine

Hey there followers!

I know it’s been a few months, two exactly. In the past two months a lot has changed for me, thus why I haven’t been on Books Laughs and Travels as much as I would like to. I feel as if in the past five months I have not contributed to this blog in the ways I should have. But, I was trying to better myself. Part of the reason this blog was started was to help myself on a journey of healing. This blog never lacked in that area, but I decided that I needed to change my career path. Once I began looking for jobs and attending interviews Books Laughs and Travels fell to the wayside.

I’m here to say that I have found a new career. Even though it is not one I see myself being at until the day I die, it’s a step in the right direction. This also means that I will be contributing to my blog again.

Today I’m getting back into posting with freelance piece that I just completed. It was published December 1, 2017 in the Lancaster and Berks County publication of Natural Awakenings Magazine. It is titled, “The Quest for a Happy, Healthy Life with Kundalini Yoga.”

Two months ago I felt stuck. I had a job that I was going nowhere at. I was having family problems (who isn’t). I just felt really down. My good friend’s mom and I were drinking coffee when she stated that she didn’t want to write an article; but, she had to write it to educated the public on Kundalini.

As I was sitting there something in my gut told me to step up and ask to write it. Before this I had written one article 4 years prior in the local newspaper, and then my own posts on this blog. Before I knew it, I was emailing the editor and writing a 750-word article on Kundalini Yoga.

People say things happen for a reason. They also say not to rush through the moment because you are always at a certain place, in a certain time, for a certain reason. I believe that.

After stepping up to the plate I realized that writing, freelance or for my own blog, is what makes me happy. I love doing it! Since October (when I pitched writing the Kundalini article), I have written a guest blog post and have another freelance job in the works!

It’s amazing how life can turn around.

Look out for posts coming soon! Go check out my article, it’s the most people I’ve reached yet… well in print anyways!






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