My Top 2 Lush Product Reviews

So I know that when I started shopping at Lush I used to get so overwhelmed when I walked into their store. I always didn’t know where to start looking, what was the best product for my skin type, what products I should use to benefit my needs and which ones wouldn’t.

Now, I do like to call myself a recovering Lush addict. I used to shop there like three times a week and spend so much money. My partner at the time had an intervention with me and told me I had a problem. Did I stop? No, not completely, but I did slow down a lot! With this said I know shopping there can be so overwhelming because there is so much, so that’s why I’m here to tell you about my top two Lush products!

My favorite two items at this store are the Sex Bomb bath bomb and the Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask!

If you look to the above picture you can see what these products look like in the store. Since Lush wants to cut down on waste they do not individually package all of their products, hence why the Bath Bomb is not in a container, you have the option to place it in a recycled paper bag (Shown beneath the products) but do not need to take one! The mask is packaged in a recycled plastic container and, fun fact, if you collect five you can return them to the store for them to reuse and you get a free mask in return. That’s right I said 100% free!

These two products are my go two. Whenever I enter this store I cannot leave without these two things in my hands, purse, or bag. Even when I get to the registers the sales associates usually tell me, “Hey, we have new items,” and I have to tell them that I’m so in love with these I just can’t see the need for anything else in my life.


Let’s start with my number one, my all time favorite, my Lush love, the Sex Bomb.

This bath bomb is very potent and if you are not a floral person you may not be a fan. It has the scents of jasmine and ylang ylang, which are very heavy. Both of these essential oils are known to increase relaxation. Jasmine is used for its antidepressant properties and ylang ylang is included for its use to heighten sexual desire, hence the name Sex Bomb. Clary sage oil is also included, this strong herbal scent also adds to the bombs pungent aroma while also helping to relax you while bathing.

The purple and pink bomb fizzes with no hidden surprises in the middle. Some of Lush’s bombs have a different colored center, but sadly this is not one of them. It ends up being this milky pink, thanks to the addition of soy milk added to the ingredients. I know my photos look different and that is due to the weird lighting in my bathroom and also my 70’s blue bath tub. The one on the left is close to what the water actually will look like. The photo on the right is added to show you that the water is milky with no sparkles.

Basically, it looks like the Harry Styles album cover… almost.

The photo on the left also shows a flower. If you recall, the bomb had a flower pushed into the center before it was submerged into the water. Sadly, this isn’t a real rose bud, but a faux flower made from rice paper. That’s pretty cool when you think of it! It blooms out of the bomb and opens its petals like an actual flower. After blooming, it dissolves into the water and since it’s rice paper no harm to the environment is done!

If you have a soy milk allergy be hesitant about buying this bomb. The ingredients can be found here, soya milk is listed as the fourth ingredient!

Overall this bath bomb is very fragrant and if you love floral scents this is for you! If you don’t really love florals go give it a sniff, it might surprise you. I know people who don’t like florals but like this bomb. I will tell you that once you use this it will linger, on your clothes, in your sheets, wherever for about a day. It is a scent that sticks around for a bit. It retails for $7.95.


Moving onto product number two, the above picture is a close up of the Mask of Magnaminty. This mask comes in a self-preserving option and a non self-preserving option. If you opt for the self-preserving mask you are getting one made with more honey, due to its preserving properties, and you will not need to refrigerate this one. Today I will be using the self-preserving mask.

With this upclose photo you can see the light green color of the mask thanks to chlorophyllin which Lush extracts from alfalfa grass. This chlorophyll soothes your skin while balancing the PH levels. The texture within the mask comes from the added primrose seeds and ground aduki beans. These help to exfoliate and remove dead skin, and since they come from the earth they can go back into the earth meaning no waste is created from your routine.

If you are sensitive to peppermint be hesitant about using this product. You can check out the rest of the ingredients here.


This is what I looked like with the mask on. It really brought out my inner Wicked Witch, warts and all.

As you are wearing the mask you can really smell and feel the peppermint. The mask tingles and feels so refreshing. As the mask was drying the rest of the ingredients were at work. Talc powder was absorbing excess moisture, marigold oil was helping with irritation and redness, and vanilla was helping to condition my skin against moisture loss.


This is what the mask looked like when it was almost completely dry, about 10 minutes after I put it on. It became lighter in color and got tighter on my face. You can see spots on my face where it’s darker (not ready to be taken off) and lighter.

When taking the mask off I made my hands wet and used circular motions on my face. This was to exfoliate my skin with the bits of seeds and beans. After getting most of the mask off with my hands I took a washcloth and wiped off the rest. After taking the mask off my skin felt moisturized, clean, and invigorated.

This mask is great for all skin types and is easy to use. The small size, which is 4.4 ounces, retails for $14.95. That seems like a lot, but a little of this mask goes a long way! I feel like I’ve gotten my 15 dollars worth and then some.

These are my two Lush loves and I hope you will give them a try. Let me know what you think of these two products and if you have any recommendations let me know! Check out my 6 Makeshift Brush Cleaning Tips while you’re here.

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