Nightlife in a Small Italian Town

Most of my time spent in the city of Caserta was during the night. This was due to traveling to nearby cities and towns during the day. This also means that I experienced a good deal of the nightlife within the city.

Honestly, I did not think this was a loss at all. I felt as if I got to experience the culture more by going out at night. Caserta has a small-town vibe. Everyone knows everyone and their brother, and they all go to the same bars. In fact, it’s hard to go to a bar and not see someone you don’t know.

Even though it’s a tight-knit community, that doesn’t mean the locals aren’t welcoming. Italians love to party and socialize. If you are respectful, nice, and willing to get to know them they will be willing to get to know you; it’s a two way street.

Caserta town square

If you look to the above picture (thanks to our nice friends at Google Street View), you will see half of what I consider to be the “town square.” Now, I don’t know if it actually is, I should check with my friend, but when I was there this seemed like the mid point of the town. From here four roads branch off and lead to the bars, wineries, restaurants, and all the other good stuff you will find for your nightlife needs.

My friend took me to a specific street that had all her favorite bars. All of her friends stood in the street casually drinking. That is one thing I always like about Europe, they are more relaxed about alcohol laws, and it gives drinking a more relaxed feel.

I cannot remember a night that we didn’t have an event to go to or something to do. One night her friend’s bar had a Sangria event. You paid five Euros for a cup and they filled it as many times as you wanted with HOMEMADE SANGRIA.

Honestly, amazing.

One night, we went to the opening of a brand new bar. It was supposed to be “London” themed and served beer as a speciality of course. We were served free beer for the grand opening. Then, when we grew tired of the busy bar, we walked a few blocks to less crowded ones.

When we didn’t have an event or party to attend we found ourselves casually hanging out at the bars Michi liked most. One of the bars was located off of a small square that had tables and chairs. This was one of the places most of Michi’s friends hung out, and it had one of the best vibes.



Another night we went to a Pizza Expo.

Yes, you heard me right. A Pizza Expo. In Italy. Where else would you want to go to a Pizza Expo? That night I had pistachio cream sauce pizza, which was to die for. Even though this pizza was to die for it wasn’t the best pizza I had in the whole country! But, I’ll tell you more about that later.

If you are looking for a laid back night you can always go sit in front of the palace. Bring a bottle of wine, some snacks, and mingle with the locals. It is really pretty to observe the town lit up at night.

Overall, if you have the chance stay in Caserta for at least a night. In the daytime you can go see the Palace, fill your evening with dinner, and then go and enjoy the bars and the locals. I never felt unwelcome in this community. You will get the true experience of being a traveler and immersing yourself in the community.

10/10 – I will go again!


You can read more about my Italy travels here.

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