Lovers in an English Garden

Hey there fellow travelers, readers, and bloggers!

I am stopping by today to make a quick post (you will see more in a second) and to catch you up on some details in my life, after all this is a blog.

So I know that I haven’t been the best this past week with posts, but within the past week I had to take on a last minute task at work that has been consuming most of my time. This does not mean that I forgot about posting my stories and tips on here!

After this week I should be back to posting three to four times a week. Until then please bear with me. Life gets hectic sometimes, and we all know how that is!

Now, onto our quick post. I’m calling this a quick post because, if you recall, about two weeks ago I teased this above picture for my Italia 2016 travels. My Italia 2016 trip is one of the most memorable trips I’ve been on. Due to this I like to sit down, with a glass of wine, and reminisce. This makes my post the most genuine so if you were to visit you can immerse yourself in the culture, just like me! But, with this being said, it takes more time to do because I want my post to have that special feel and I want to give you the best information that I can remember.

So with a hectic work life at the moment, and not having time to give you my full attention I’m not going to half-ass it, you guys don’t deserve that!

Okay, okay, now about this picture. So, I teased this picture for my upcoming Italy posts, and if you haven’t been on my Italia 2016 page you can check it out here.

The atmosphere of this park was amazing. The calming rhythm of waterfalls and streams, the wind playing through the trees, it was an oasis. No one was rushing to be somewhere; everyone was enjoying the day, even though it was really hot. My favorite, all time photo from this Italy trip is the one pictured above.

When walking through the Cryptoporticus a couple in their early fifties caught my attention. They were sitting on a bench that was nestled just outside the makeshift ruin, overlooking the Yew tree. They were just sitting in the garden and enjoying the day and each other’s company. I wouldn’t have noticed them if I didn’t hear the lady laugh at something her counterpart had said.

This was such a special moment, so I squatted down and snapped a quick photo. I didn’t look at my photograph until later that night, and it couldn’t have come out better. I love how you can see the smoke from the cigar. The quality isn’t the best, but I love how the shadows bounce off the couple. And, to top it off, I have this story to tell along with it.

Whenever I look at this photo it makes me happy. One day I hope to have someone to sit in a garden with, listening to nature, making me laugh. It was a special moment, and life goals honestly.

I hope you liked this quick post. I wanted to explain this photo more because it deserves it! More original posts will be coming soon, either the end of this week or early next week!

Thanks for being understanding,


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