6 Makeshift Tips for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Hi there everyone!


So last night I was looking at my vanity thinking, “What is wrong here?”

Then it hit me, all my makeup brushes were dirty and I hadn’t cleaned them in a few weeks… oops! I know that’s bad and you should clean them at least once a month or after you are done using them.


But to be honest, I don’t do a full clean because I don’t have all the fancy things to go with it. For example, I do not have brush cleaner and I don’t have one of those handy brush cleaning palette. So I thought I couldn’t clean my brushes as well without those items.

Then I got to thinking. I did have castile soap and I knew that if some searching was done around the house something like the cleaning palette could be found. Guess what, I was right! It goes to show that you don’t need to have brand names or the most popular items to clean your makeup brushes!

Now, you are probably wondering what castile soap is. It is a soap made from plant oils and contains no animal fat or by-products. This means that it is completely vegan! There are many uses for it, from cleaning your home to cleaning your face, and it comes in liquid and solid forms.

So, I’m not a beauty blogger, but here is my make-shift way for cleaning your brushes with items found around the house!



1 • Grab Your Ammo!



After grabbing my vegan soap I made my way to the kitchen and found a snack container. I picked one that had raised bumps on the lid to mimic a brand name cleansing palette and to really deep clean my brushes. As you can see in the above picture, it’s nothing special but it is outdated. I tried to find a link for you guys but I did not prevail.

Any container you find that is hard plastic, and has some sort of texture will work. Even if the container walls are textured you may be able to clean your brushes on the sides!

I also grabbed a washcloth for spills, drying, and shaping… which you will see later on!


2 • Choose a Brush and Go to Town



You got your ammo, now grab your weapon! (See what I did there, clever huh? ….oh, okay, you’re no fun!) Pick whichever brush you like best, or the dirtiest, and make that baby wet!

I just run the brush under running water. Some prefer to have a cup of clean water to dunk their brushes in. Honestly, I don’t see the difference, it’s what you feel like doing.

Make sure the brush is pretty wet. You want it to be damp enough to create a lather when cleaning. If it seems like holding it under the water isn’t making it damp enough, give your fingers a run over the bristles and water should run down them.



3 • Add Soap




If you are like me and using a bar, swipe the wet brush over it a few times to pick up the soap. If you are using liquid, place a drop in your hand and swirl the brush around your palm.

I sat the bar of soap inside of the container for convenience. This was to make sure the bar stayed in place and that any water was caught in the container. When finished cleaning I let the bar dry off and placed the lid on top. This saves my set-up for when I go on a cleaning spree again!



4 • Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!



Now scrub the brush on the container’s lid or the sides. Whichever you decided was best for cleaning your brushes thoroughly.

Make sure to use circular motions and to be gentle. You want to be rough but not so rough that your bristles begin to fall out, get pressed down, or your brush head becomes loose.

I also liked to turn my brush on its side and rub back and forth (left to right and right to left). I found this to be the best way to loosen makeup built up to the handle.

Keep repeating until your brush gets a thorough clean.


5 • Rinse




After doing all that work get the soap out of your brush. The best way to do this is to take you “palette” and hold it under the water and continue to swirl and scrub your brush against the textured surface. This ensures all the soap is rinsed from the bristles.

Your brush is clean once the water is running clear. If it’s not you can add more soap and repeat the last step.





6 • Shape and Dry


Now that our brushes had a bath they need to dry. But wait! Don’t just lay them down yet! You need to shape them to make sure they come out of their bath looking the same, if not better, than before.

Now, remember that washcloth from earlier? I fold the towel over the birtles and lightly press some of the water out. Then, I’ll open the towel, dry the handle, and begin to shape my brushes.


After shaping I place them to dry. They Should go upside down, and you can buy a brush drying rack here, but I don’t have one. So I lay them on their side, or I place them in a cup. Either way, I make sure they aren’t touching each other, so they maintain their perfect shape!


So, like I said before, I’m not a makeup artist or blogger but I thought this was a fun makeshift post to do! Let me know about your makeshift ideas or things you have done last minute down in the comments!

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