An English Garden Tucked Away in Caserta

Now let me tell you about certain areas of the English Garden that lies behind Reggia di Caserta. I will use some of my photos I could recover and I am going to borrow some photos from the unofficial website of Reggia di Caserta. I will try to give you the best virtual tour I can! I highly recommend clicking the link and heading over to the unofficial website. The photos are beautiful, and the information given is amazing!

The above picture is from “The Bath of Venus” and the sculpture you are looking at is Venus herself. My picture does not do her the justice she deserves, in person this sculpture is breathtaking and leaves you in awe. The detail of her face and body added to the pond and surrounding foliage is just the most beautiful picture.

This sculpture is by the artist Tommaso Solari and depicts Venus leaving the pond after bathing. When you stand on the ledge and observe her you can hear the trickling of a small waterfall in the distance. It is truly a serene corner of the garden.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 11.43.56 PM
Venus Through Rock Formations (Photo Courtesy of

When you continue down the path you will notice that the rock formation behind Venus is parted. When looking through you can see her backside. When I did this it felt as if I was actually watching someone bathe in the pond. It was a weird feeling, but peering through the rocks felt as if I was sneaking around! The way the artist placed the statue was thought provoking and with how life like she looks it makes you feel as if you are looking at something you shouldn’t

If you make your way back to the gardens make sure you stop by “The Bath of Venus” and take a glimpse at the beauty of the statue as well as the surrounding area.

The Ruined Appearance of The Cryptoporticus

Leading up to “The Bath of Venus” is a false Roman ruin called The Cryptoporticus. This was built after Pompeii was discovered to look like the ruins of the lost city. As you can see from the photo above they did a very good job on making it a false ruin. There are holes in the ceiling that let in natural light as well as foliage. The walls appear to be falling apart and have an unfinished look.

The Inside Layout of The Cryptoporticus (Both Photos Courtesy of

It is laid out as a half circle. Within the walls stand eleven statues, some of which actually came from Pompeii. The floor is made of marble and is made to have an uneven look, supposed to be caused by the Yew tree that stands outside. This place truly is magical and transports you back in time. As I was walking through I did feel as if I was in the Roman Empire!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.20.19 AM
The Aperia (Courtesy of

The last big structure in the English Garden is The Aperia or The Bee House. When you enter the garden, veer left and you will see the semi-circular structure housing plants. It was use to keep bees and make honey by the french, which is cool to think about when you’re there! Bees had their own little home in the garden!

Now, after exploring the English Garden and touring the inside of the palace we called it a day. But, the beauty of this place doesn’t stop here. Once you step outside of the palace, before making the trek to the English Garden, to your left is the Parterre and the Old Woods.

You can take a carriage ride into the Old Woods and people say it has a Secret Garden like feel. When back in the Old Woods you will come across a little castle. This was built for one of the young Princes with the intent to please his imagination of battles,how cool! When looking at photos you can see the castle has a moat and watchtowers so the Prince could let his imagination soar.

Overall, I would not skip on Reggia di Caserta. For just a few pounds you can explore an amazing palace, and then explore an even more amazing garden. This is a great way to spend the day! You will learn so much about the history of Naples while you’re here too! Also, if you are a die hard Star Wars fan you might want to make your way here. This palace was used as Queen Amidala’s royal palace in Episode I.

Even if you’re not coming here to be a Star Wars fan, that’s cool. I would just come to see it. Something I wouldn’t skip. The locals love this place. At night they gather on the lawn to hang out, drink, smoke, and even light lanterns! The town even lights up the front of the palace in green, white, and red! If you don’t want to go here during the day, spend a night in Caserta and hang out in front of the palace. It’s definitely a way to become a tourist and mingle with the locals!

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