Ah, Fair Verona


Ah, fair Verona! What I remember of Verona is it being pretty busy. I guess I wanted this city to be quaint and romantic because I was thinking of Romeo and Juliet. But, that was my fault; you can’t base a city on a book that took place hundreds of years ago, or a place that was made famous by a book.

With that being said this place was lively. It had high-end shops (that I couldn’t afford at the time), cute cafes, and even a market place. My favorite part about Verona was the Arena di Verona. I liked it because it wasn’t the Coliseum. I guess that’s bad to say but this was smaller, and the color pallet of the stones made my heart swoon! What makes it even better is that they hold an Opera festival every year, so classical music lovers pack your bags! I didn’t get the chance to go inside but I bet it is just as breathtaking as the exterior.

Juliet’s balcony is the main reason tourists visit Verona. Everyone is taking pictures, as you can see in my photo, and putting their gum on the wall to make their mark. I did put my gum on the wall too, but I doubt that four years later it’s still sticking…. but, maybe it is! I guess I’ll have to go back and find out. Also you and your soul mate can get a padlock and lock it on the doors below the balcony. If you look at the balcony picture you can see all the padlocks on the gate in the bottom left corner. It definitely has a romantic lovers vibe!

I definitely think you should visit this city. It is very lively, and has a lot to do. If you are done with sightseeing you can go get gelato to cool down or sit in the square and people watch, or if you’re me, bird watch!

Also, what I did love about this city is that there are so many ways to leave your mark. From placing a piece of gum below Juliet’s balcony to putting a padlock around the city to show your everlasting love, a piece of you remains in the city after you travel on!

So, what are you waiting for? Go leave your mark! I left my mark…


….. wow, looking at photos from when you were in high school is weird. Okay, here is my eighteen-year-old self for you all to see!

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